Spring Cloud Data Flow

Spring Cloud Data Flow is a cloud-native orchestration service for composable microservice applications on modern runtimes. With Spring Cloud Data Flow, developers can create and orchestrate data pipelines for common use cases such as data ingest, real-time analytics, and data import/export.

Quick Start
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Spring Cloud Data Flow is the cloud-native redesign of Spring XD – a project that aimed to simplify the development of Big Data applications. The stream and batch modules from Spring XD are refactored as Spring Boot based stream and task/batch microservice applications respectively. These applications are now autonomous deployment units and they can "natively" run in modern runtimes such as Cloud Foundry, Apache YARN, Apache Mesos, and Kubernetes.

Spring Cloud Data Flow offers a collection of patterns and best practices for microservices-based distributed streaming and task/batch data pipelines.


  • Develop using DSL, REST-APIs, Dashboard, and the drag-and-drop GUI - Flo
  • Create, unit-test, troubleshoot and manage microservice applications in isolation
  • Build data pipelines rapidly using the out-of-the-box stream and task/batch applications
  • Consume microservice applications as maven or docker artifacts
  • Scale data pipelines without interrupting data flows
  • Orchestrate data-centric applications on a variety of modern runtime platforms including Cloud Foundry, Apache YARN, Apache Mesos, and Kubernetes
  • Take advantage of metrics, health checks, and the remote management of each microservice application

Quick Start

Step 1 - Download the Spring Cloud Data Flow's Local-Server and Shell über-jar's:

wget http://repo.spring.io/release/org/springframework/cloud/spring-cloud-dataflow-server-local/1.1.4.RELEASE/spring-cloud-dataflow-server-local-1.1.4.RELEASE.jar
wget http://repo.spring.io/release/org/springframework/cloud/spring-cloud-dataflow-shell/1.1.4.RELEASE/spring-cloud-dataflow-shell-1.1.4.RELEASE.jar

Step 2 - Download and Start Kafka 0.10 [used as messaging middleware]

Step 3 - Launch the Local-Server

java -jar spring-cloud-dataflow-server-local-1.1.4.RELEASE.jar

Step 4 - Launch Shell on the same machine where the Local-Server is running

java -jar spring-cloud-dataflow-shell-1.1.4.RELEASE.jar

Step 5 - Bulk import out-of-the-box applications from the Shell

dataflow:>app import --uri http://bit.ly/Avogadro-SR1-stream-applications-kafka-10-maven

Step 6 - Create ‘ticktock’ stream from the Shell

dataflow:>stream create ticktock --definition "time | log" --deploy

Once the ‘ticktock’ stream is deployed, you'll notice similar to the following in Local-Server console [refer to Step 3]. For instance, the logs for log application will be at: /var/folders/...../ticktock.log directory.

2016-07-18 22:08:24.777  INFO 73058 --- [nio-9393-exec-9] o.s.c.d.spi.local.LocalAppDeployer       : deploying app ticktock.log instance 0
   Logs will be in /var/folders/c3/ctx7_rns6x30tq7rb76wzqwr0000gp/T/spring-cloud-dataflow-5011521526937452211/ticktock-1468904904769/ticktock.log
2016-07-18 22:08:25.081  INFO 73058 --- [nio-9393-exec-9] o.s.c.d.spi.local.LocalAppDeployer       : deploying app ticktock.time instance 0
   Logs will be in /var/folders/c3/ctx7_rns6x30tq7rb76wzqwr0000gp/T/spring-cloud-dataflow-5011521526937452211/ticktock-1468904905074/ticktock.time

Step 7 - Verify ‘ticktock’ logs

tail -f /var/folders/ ... /ticktock.log/stdout_0.log

Step 8 - Review Local-Server's Dashboard capabilities at: http://localhost:9393/dashboard

Spring Cloud Data Flow Implementations

Server Type Stable Release Milestone/Snapshot Release
Local Server 1.1.4.RELEASE[docs] 1.2.0.RC1[docs]
Cloud Foundry Server 1.1.1.RELEASE[docs] 1.2.0.M1[docs]
Apache YARN Server 1.1.1.RELEASE[docs] 1.2.0.M1[docs]
Kubernetes Server 1.1.2.RELEASE[docs] 1.2.0.M1[docs]
Apache Mesos Server 1.0.0.RELEASE[docs] 1.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT[docs]

Community Spring Cloud Data Flow Implementations

Spring Cloud Data Flow for HashiCorp Nomad

Spring Cloud Data Flow for Red Hat OpenShift

Building Blocks of Spring Cloud Data Flow

Spring Cloud Data Flow builds upon several projects and the top-level building blocks of the ecosystem are listed in the following visual representation. Each project represents a core capability and they evolve in isolation, with separate release cadences - follow the links to find more details about each project.

Spring Cloud Data Flow Local Server
Spring Cloud Data Flow Cloud Foundry Server
Spring Cloud Data Flow Apache Yarn Server
Spring Cloud Data Flow Kubernetes Server
Spring Cloud Data Flow Apache Mesos Server

REST-APIs / Shell / DSL
Flo for Spring Cloud Data Flow
Spring Flo
Spring Cloud Data Flow Metrics Collector
Spring Cloud Data Flow - Core

↓     Uses     ↓

Spring Cloud Deployer - Service Provider Interface (SPI)

↑     Implements     ↑

Spring Cloud Deployer Local
Spring Cloud Deployer Cloud Foundry
Spring Cloud Deployer Yarn
Spring Cloud Deployer Kubernetes
Spring Cloud Deployer Mesos

↓     Deploys     ↓

Spring Cloud Stream App Starters
Spring Cloud Task App Starters
Spring Cloud Stream
Spring Cloud Task

↓     Uses     ↓

Spring Integration
Spring Boot
Spring Batch