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Converting Spring Cloud Contract DSL into WireMock stub mappings


or shortly [1]

mvn spring-cloud-contract:convert

For more information please go to the Spring Cloud Contract Wiki or Plugin Documentation Site.

Spring Cloud Contract Stub Runner

Run stubs mappings from current directory:


or shortly [1]

mvn spring-cloud-contract:run

Running stubs from repository

mvn spring-cloud-contract:run -Dstubs="org.springframework:gs-rest-service"

where org.springframework:gs-rest-service is artifact with stubs classifier contains WireMock mappings.

In order for the goal to be executed correctly, target/stubs subdirectory should be added in the directory from which the command will be executed.

Project configuration


1. Additional configuration inside ~/.m2/settings.xml is required: <pluginGroups><pluginGroup></pluginGroup></pluginGroups>.