Spring Cloud Open Service Broker

Spring Cloud Open Service Broker is a framework for building Spring Boot applications that implement the Open Service Broker API.

Quick Start
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The Open Service Broker API project allows developers to deliver services to applications running within cloud native platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. For more information about the Open Service Broker API, visit the project site and API specification documents.

Spring Cloud Open Service Broker provides a framework based on Spring Boot that enables you to quickly create a service broker for your own managed service on platform that support the Open Service Broker API.


  • Default configuration for catalog and service binding/unbinding endpoints
  • Support for the latest Open Service Broker API specification

Quick Start


The recommended way to get started using spring-cloud-open-service-broker in your project is with a dependency management system – the snippet below can be copied and pasted into your build. Need help? See our getting started guides on building with Maven and Gradle.

See the project documentation for more information on the interfaces included for implementing API functionality and on what default implementations are provided.