151. Introduction

The Spring Cloud GCP project makes the Spring Framework a first-class citizen of Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Spring Cloud GCP lets you leverage the power and simplicity of the Spring Framework to:

  1. Analyze your images for text, objects, and other content with Google Cloud Vision
  2. Use Spring Security via Google Cloud IAP
  3. Map objects, relationships, and collections with Spring Data Cloud Spanner and Spring Data Cloud Datastore
  4. Publish and subscribe to Google Cloud Pub/Sub topics
  5. Configure Spring JDBC with a few properties to use Google Cloud SQL
  6. Write and read from Spring Resources backed up by Google Cloud Storage
  7. Exchange messages with Spring Integration using Google Cloud Pub/Sub on the background
  8. Trace the execution of your app with Spring Cloud Sleuth and Google Stackdriver Trace
  9. Configure your app with Spring Cloud Config, backed up by the Google Runtime Configuration API
  10. Consume and produce Google Cloud Storage data via Spring Integration GCS Channel Adapters