123. Troubleshooting

123.1 Log Levels

Below are some useful loggers that contain valuable trouble shooting infomration at the DEBUG and TRACE levels.

  • org.springframework.cloud.gateway
  • org.springframework.http.server.reactive
  • org.springframework.web.reactive
  • org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.web
  • reactor.netty
  • redisratelimiter

123.2 Wiretap

The Reactor Netty HttpClient and HttpServer can have wiretap enabled. When combined with setting the reactor.netty log level to DEBUG or TRACE will enable logging of information such as headers and bodies sent and received across the wire. To enable this, set spring.cloud.gateway.httpserver.wiretap=true and/or spring.cloud.gateway.httpclient.wiretap=true for the HttpServer and HttpClient respectively.