Spring Cloud Config

Table of Contents

1. Quick Start
1.1. Client Side Usage
2. Spring Cloud Config Server
2.1. Environment Repository
2.1.1. Git Backend
Placeholders in Git URI
Pattern Matching and Multiple Repositories
Authentication with AWS CodeCommit
Git SSH configuration using properties
Placeholders in Git Search Paths
Force pull in Git Repositories
2.1.2. Version Control Backend Filesystem Use
2.1.3. File System Backend
2.1.4. Vault Backend
Multiple Properties Sources
2.1.5. Sharing Configuration With All Applications
File Based Repositories
Vault Server
2.1.6. JDBC Backend
2.1.7. Composite Environment Repositories
Custom Composite Environment Repositories
2.1.8. Property Overrides
2.2. Health Indicator
2.3. Security
2.4. Encryption and Decryption
2.5. Key Management
2.6. Creating a Key Store for Testing
2.7. Using Multiple Keys and Key Rotation
2.8. Serving Encrypted Properties
3. Serving Alternative Formats
4. Serving Plain Text
5. Embedding the Config Server
6. Push Notifications and Spring Cloud Bus
7. Spring Cloud Config Client
7.1. Config First Bootstrap
7.2. Discovery First Bootstrap
7.3. Config Client Fail Fast
7.4. Config Client Retry
7.5. Locating Remote Configuration Resources
7.6. Security
7.6.1. Health Indicator
7.6.2. Providing A Custom RestTemplate
7.6.3. Vault
7.7. Vault
7.7.1. Nested Keys In Vault