Spring Cloud Stream Applications

Spring Cloud Stream Applications are Spring Boot based Spring Integration applications that provide integration with external systems. Spring Cloud Stream Applications can be used with Spring Cloud Stream to create, build, and operationalize message-driven data microservices.

Quick Start
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Spring Cloud Stream Applications are standalone executable applications that communicate over messaging middleware such as Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ. These applications can run independently on variety of runtime platforms including: Cloud Foundry, Apache Yarn, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker, or even on your laptop.


  • Run standalone as Spring applications
  • Create streaming pipelines with data microservice applications
  • Host and consume data microservice applications as maven dependencies
  • Override configuration parameters via command-line, environment variables, or YAML file
  • Provide infrastructure to test the applications in isolation

Available Applications

Source Processor Sink Task
file bridge aggregate-counter timestamp
ftp filter cassandra  
http groovy-filter counter  
jdbc groovy-transform field-value-counter  
jms httpclient file  
load-generator pmml ftp  
rabbit scriptable-transform gemfire  
sftp splitter gpfdist  
tcp transform hdfs  
time   jdbc  
trigger   log  
twitterstream   rabbit  

## Quick Start

Step 1 - Clone Spring Cloud Stream Applications repository

Step 2 - Build and Install Apps

Step 3 - Start Kafka

Step 4 - Run Time Source and Bind to ticktock Queue java -jar apps/time-source-kafka/target/time-source-kafka-***.jar --spring.cloud.stream.bindings.output.destination=ticktock

Step 5 - Run Log Sink and Bind to ticktock Queue java -jar apps/log-sink-kafka/target/log-sink-kafka-***.jar --spring.cloud.stream.bindings.input.destination=ticktock

Step 6 - Verify ticktock Logs in Console